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Pressure Vessel & Heat Exchangers

Jindal Steel and Power Limited

The Division has particular strengths for the oil and gas and steel and power industries JSPL Machinery Division's pressure vessel and heat exchangers vertical is certified by MECON, CCOE and EIL among various other prominent agencies. Right from VD tanks to storage tanks, the JSPL Machinery division is capable of manufacturing pressure vessels meeting the demands of various industries, particularly oil and gas, steel, power and coal gasification.

Oil & Gas

Description Specification Application
Demo Vessel MOC SA516Gr70 Shell Thk 75mm Wt 29 MT Internal Dia 2000mm Air Receiver
PSA Adsorber MOC SA516Gr70-N Shell Thk 25mm Wt 29 MT Internal Dia 4200mm CO2
Propane Tank MOC SA516Gr70 Shell Thk 36mm Wt 102.5 MT Internal Dia 4250mm Propane
Deaerator MOC SA516Gr60 Shell Thk 12mm Wt 14 MT Internal Dia 1960mm Air


Description Specification Application
Gaseous Nitrogen Storage Tanks MOC SA516Gr70 Shell Thk 28mm Wt 23.96 MT Internal Dia 3250mm Blast Furnace
Feed Tank MOC SA516Gr70 Shell Thk 20mm Wt 22 MT Internal Dia 3000mm Coal Injection
VD Tank Cover MOC P265 GH EN10028-2 Shell Thk 30mm Wt 22.5 MT Internal Dia 7050mm Hot Metal
VD Tank MOC P265GH EN10028-2 Shell Thk 30mm Wt 62.24 MT Internal Dia 7000mm Hot Metal
Air Receiver Code Stamp U MOC SA516Gr70 Shell Thk 32mm Wt 19.3 MT Internal Dia 2900mm Air

Coal Gasification

Description Specification Application
Liquid Ammonia Storage Vessel MOC SA516Gr70 Shell Thk 75mm Wt 29 MT Internal Dia 2000mm Ammonia
Raffinate After Settler MOC SA516Gr60 Shell Thk 16mm Wt 25.4 MT Internal Dia 3600mm -
Propylene Bullet MOC SA516Gr60 Shell Thk 45mm Wt 81 MT Internal Dia 4100mm Propylene
Floating Roof Dipe Storage Tank MOC SA516Gr60 Shell Thk 8mm Wt 29.8 MT Internal Dia 9000mm Chemical
Gas Liquor Storage Tank MOC SA516Gr70 Shell Thk mm Wt 540 MT Internal Dia 28500mm Chemical
Depitched Tar Acid Receiver MOC SA240 TP316L Shell Thk 12mm Wt 10.8 MT Internal Dia 2700mm Tar

Power Plant

Description Specification Application
RH Vertical Platen Inlet Header MOC Pipe SA106GrC Tube SA213T11 Hydrotest 350kg/cm2 No. of Tubes - 900 Steam