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Quality Assurance

Jindal Steel and Power

Being a manufacturer of world class products and equipments quality production is a non-negotiable ethic at the Machinery Division. In view of this, the Division adheres to the most stringent quality assurance and control practices. The JSP Machinery workshop is equipped with state-of-the- art inspection and testing facilities with its in-house mechanical and chemical testing laboratories, NDT facilities (ultrasonic testing, radiography testing, magnetic particle testing and dye penetrant testing) and various other instruments. It conforms to a host of national and international standards such as IS, ASME, ASNT, ISO, EN, DIN and GOST.

JSP Machinery Division has the following testing facilities

  • Non Destructive testing facilities such as RT, UT, MT & PT
  • Physical testing facilities for checking properties such as Tensile, Impact & Hardness
  • Electrical testing facilities such as Current, Voltage, Earthing resistance & IR
  • Chemical testing equipment such as Spectrometer
  • Image Analyser & Digital Thermo Hydrometer
  • Hydro Pressure Gauge equipment & Pneumatic testing equipment for pressure vessels