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CE Certification

Jindal Steel and Power

In our pursuit of excellence Jindal Steel & Power-Machinery Division’s EOT Cranes have recently been awarded the esteemed CE marking certification, further solidifying our commitment to uncompromising quality and adherence to European standards.

The Statement of Compliance certificate, granted by QACS to Jindal Steel & Power, Machinery Division, signifies our compliance with rigorous standards. This recognition empowers us to issue the "EC Declaration of Conformity" and supply EOT cranes adorned with the CE marking, meeting the essential criteria for market access in Europe.

The certification process involved a meticulous examination of the Jindal Steel & Power, Machinery Division EOT Crane and its manufacturing processes. QACS conducted thorough reviews and analyses in accordance with several European standards. The comprehensive study covered diverse aspects of the product life cycle, including risk assessments related to design, erection, maintenance, dismantling, transport, reassembling, and safety-critical components.

This CE certification stands as a symbol of our dedication to excellence and reinforces our position as a trusted provider of EOT Cranes. We are now well-equipped to meet customer requirements by supplying CE-marked EOT cranes, essential for seamless entry into the European market.